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Bee4BIM is your experienced partner for processing scanned data or analogue drawings into a customised BIM model. In short, the efficient integration of BIM and GIS.

BIM & GIS: a mutual interest

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling, a process through which we create and manage digital representations of physical and functional building characteristics or installations. By combining a BIM with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), you can unequivocally exchange and manage information with colleagues and partners.

BIM & GIS are indispensable in many organisations’ work processes, and the systems are increasingly intertwined, with users of BIM and GIS often working together. The environmental information in GIS is relevant to the object information in BIM and vice versa.

Bee4BIM: a specialist in connecting BIM and GIS

Bee4BIM is specialised in merging two worlds: Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Geographic Information systems (GIS). Why merge the two? A building model only provides part of the information you need to effectively design infrastructure. Using geographic information, you can also know exactly how an object influences and fits its surroundings. Bee4BIM creates a seamless integration between the data and work-flow of the two systems.





GIS and BIM complement each other by offering what the other is lacking. Together, they form a more complete source of information. By integrating BIM and GIS, those involved in the construction process have more certainty about their project, which avoids expensive surprises. It saves frustration and reduces the unforeseen costs during construction.
Bee4BIM’s 3D-BIM service concretises the collaboration between GIS and BIM further. The practical aim of enriching building models with geographical information and spatial context allows for the creation of a more complete picture for design and decision-making.


If you want more information on 3D-BIM models contact Bee4BIM for a free discovery call.


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About us

Creating BIM models requires an expert and qualitative approach. Bee4BIM offers cost-effective solutions to generate and process building information. If you are looking for a reliable partner for your BIM, you have come to the right place.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we help Contractors, Government Agencies, Municipalities, Provinces, Water boards, Utility companies, and Private Companies to create 3D-BIM models of their buildings and installations. BIM models are designed to collect, manage, display and analyse all kinds of data during the construction phase. Working with BIM leads to more efficient work processes, which, in turn, leads to fewer failure costs, making it very cost effective.

Bee4BIM is a “busy bee” working to provide customers with the right data for their BIM.

Our services include:
• Producing 3D-BIM models from plans or scanned data;
• Modelling the models at different Levels Of Detail (LOD 100-500);
• Mapping the various models by integrating BIM and GIS;
• Converting 2D data to 3D data for underground information;
• Supplying and scaling up production capacity at competitive rates.




In 2020, we converted more than 48,000 building plans into 3D-BIM models. For 2021, we convert 128,000 buildings to a BIM environment with a specific Level Of Detail (LOD).

Throughout the industry, we are seeing the application of more and more detail to achieve a higher level. The Digital-Twin becomes the reality between the real and virtual world. We are also seeing developments in the Environment Act to support policy makers. For us, the process from vision to design to implementation to management and maintenance is especially important to ultimately determine predictive behaviour and policy. Our aim is to achieve that together with you.

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